Autumn and Halloween Greetings

Before we had time to even blink, the Summer is gone and most of this year’s tourist season has come to end. But don’t you dare mention yet how many weeks it is until Christmas as one of the major festive times of the year is taking place here in Ireland first. The Halloween! Or better even to say it in Irish ‘Samhain’. 

The Halloween has Celtic origins as ‘Samhain’ was one of the four main Celtic Festivals in the year.  Samhain marked the end of the harvest and start of the winter. It was the time when the days got darker and shorter and there were great gatherings of the folks for feasts and bonfires. It was believed that at the eve of the Samhain the door to the otherworld was open allowing supernatural beings and souls of the dead to visit our world. 

Halloween is celebrated all over the world nowadays. It seems to get more and more popular every year. Everyone from toddlers to adults can enjoy the carving of pumpkins and dressing up to scary costumes for trick and treating your neighbours and friends on the Halloween night on the 31stOctober. There are also numerous Halloween parades and festivals throughout Ireland to enjoy on this day. 

Ireland is filled with beautiful rustic colours at this time of the year and one can enjoy the activities such as golf, hill walking and horse riding to name a few, in the beautiful surroundings of vivid Autumn views on mountains and valleys.  It is truly one of the best times in the year to visit Ireland.

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