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Sports and Activities for all

Ireland offers a plethora of sports and activities, catering to every interest. At Tourwise Ireland, we specialize in providing activity tours for sports enthusiasts, offering a wide range of options.

From the very beginning, hill walking and horse-riding tours have been our top favourites. In addition to those, we also offer golf tours, cycling holidays, water sports, Pilates and yoga retreats, and even marathon tours, among others. Golf holds a prominent place in Irish sports culture, with over 400 world-class golf courses to choose from. Ireland boasts stunning parkland courses as well as thrilling and challenging links courses along its expansive coastline. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there are golf courses suited to every level, and the green fees vary accordingly.

Over the hills

Ireland has magnificent hiking opportunities for locals and visitors alike. While Carrauntoohil of MacGillicuddy Reeks, Ireland’s highest mountain, reaches just over 1km, there are numerous equally challenging and captivating mountain ranges to explore. The landscape often showcases wild beauty, with lush valleys, deep mountain lakes, river walks, and breathtaking coastal vistas. There are hiking routes suitable for all skill levels, and our experienced and qualified mountain leaders and hill walking guides will safely accompany your group into the mountains and back to the base.

Horse Country

Ireland is renowned as a horse country. Visit Ireland’s prestigious horse studs and witness champion stallions up close, or experience the excitement of horse racing (and perhaps try your luck with a bet!). How about a thrilling trek through the mountains or a gallop along a white sandy beach? You can stay at riding schools offering a variety of equestrian activities. Attending Dublin’s International Horse Show or one of the major racing events is a fantastic way to conclude an equestrian holiday in Ireland.

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Greenways and Blueways

Ireland’s greenways, former train tracks now converted into scenic cycling routes, offer fantastic cycling experiences. These routes can be found throughout the country, with new ones continuously opening up. You can even rent bikes and embark on a long weekend or week-long adventure, cycling from one cozy B&B to another, experiencing the beauty of Ireland from the saddle. City cycling is also available in the main urban centres.

For those seeking water thrills, kayaking, white water rafting, and paddleboarding are exhilarating options. Surfing can be enjoyed at various coastal locations, provided the weather conditions are suitable. Sea swimming has become increasingly popular in Ireland, and many swimming spots are equipped with portable saunas for post-swim warmth.

Run, run, run

The Dublin Marathon, held in October, is one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year. Additionally, Ireland hosts numerous running events across the country for running enthusiasts. We can also arrange running clinics and workshops with expert coaches. These are just a few examples of the exciting activities we offer in our tours.

If sports and activities are what you’re seeking, please reach out to us. And if your group desires to be spectators at a football match or wishes to try their hand at Gaelic sports such as Hurling, Handball, and Gaelic Football, we can arrange that too.

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So why wait?

Wherever you choose to travel in Ireland, we can assure you of exceptional service and tourism partners willing to go the extra mile to fulfil all your expectations and desires. 

The island of Ireland is truly the perfect destination, offering a multitude of adventures. Let’s start planning your tour today.


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