Our Scandinavian and Finnish speaking team takes care of all destination services here in Ireland. With our knowledge we offer variety of options for all kinds of tours taking in account any specific requirements of the client.

With our expertise we arrange both business and leisure tours with professional but personal service. With our knowledge of Ireland as a destination and the experience to understand what your clients require, we offer creative and exiting itineraries and ideas for any tour to Ireland.

With one point of contact and our fast and reliable service, your client's tour to Ireland will be made easy and pfofessional.

We offer accommodation of different standards depending on your client's requirements from staying in luxury castle, first class business hotel, nice family-run hotel or something a bit different like farmhouse B&B, we have the right accommodation solution sorted for.

We arrange vital industry visits and activity courses, making study trips succesful.

We work together with carefully chosen suppliers of services in Ireland.

We offer competive accommodation rates in various hotels in all locations in Ireland. All transfers are booked with professional luxury coaches and our local Scandinavian and Finnish speaking guides have wide knowledge of Ireland and know how to take care of each client from their arrival to departure.

Our aim is to have all travel arrangements prepared in detail and make your client's stay in Ireland an unforgettable one.

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