The island of Ireland with its amazing landscapes, bustling villages, hidden gems and ever so friendly locals, has something to offer for everyone at any time of the year. The mild climate offers opportunities to explore all corners of the island and take up on wide range of activities on its great outdoors.

In Ireland everything is near! You will never travel too far before you arrive to another lovely village or bustling town. Believe it or not, you will never be further from the seaside than two and half hours!

Ireland's incredibly beautiful landscape and its amazing people with their laughter, stories and music makes it such a special place. There is something so unique about Ireland that visitors to this island return to here over and over again after their first experience of what Ireland has to offer.

Ireland has an exiting history, legends and stories of ancient Celts and mythical places that can be still experienced and visited in our modern day.

Irish people are particularly proud of their magnificent hotels, restaurants serving good food and pubs with 'great craic' - it is in Irish for 'having a good time'.

There is something for everyone in Ireland, be it a music, film or arts festival, sports event or shopping, pubbing and clubbing or anything else, you name it, and you will never have to think of what to do here.

Ireland is truly an island of many adventures.


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